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Sterling Silver Writing Instruments


Sterling Silver Writing Instruments


Writing instruments designed with perfect balanced to achieve smooth and effortless writing. Guilloche pattern cut to produce the top quality sparkle and finished in Platinum to maintain this elegant look Manufactured here at SpellBodan, based in Maidstone UK, to give you the ultimate writing experience
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The meaning

Spellbodan is the plural of the SpellBoda which is an Anglo-Saxon word for a high-status bringer (ambassador) of special messages or prophesies. The Logo is based on 2 Celtic Knots which are a symbol of strength, power, wisdom, and endurance.
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Why SpellBodan?

We're specialists when it comes to writing instruments and offer a range of products, including fountain pens, ballpens and pencils. It's a tailored service designed to deliver exactly the type of writing instrument that you need and given our consistent high standards, you can count on our team to provide what's required. We've been in the production of luxury products for over 40 years and that's all down to the quality of what we produce and the satisfaction that it provides for our clients. You can order one of our pieces right now through our store.
925 sterling silver, fully plated in platinum
Pens & Pencils come with black lacquer-filled clip with SpellBodan logo.
Cap top dome is finished off with a ruby embedded into the centre of the SpellBodan logo.
Fountain Nib: 22 carat gold-plated iridium-tipped, available in F M B sizes.
Fountain Nib Upgradeable to 18 carat solid gold in F M B - £269.00.