Spell Bodan
Ink pen
Condition the nib by dipping it briefly in warm water before you first fill it with ink

Fill your converter, unscrew to remove the barrel, then gently pull the empty converter away from the nib unit. Rotate the back plunger until it is fully extended into the tube of the converter, then dip the end of the converter into our chosen ink supply and re-screw the plunger until the reservoir is full. Wipe the end of the converter with a soft cloth to remove any ink and press the end of the converter back into the nib unit. Replace the barrel.

If using standard cartridge push home until seal is punctured Replace body to forepart.

Keep the cap on when not in use to prevent drying out and clogging every three months flush your pen and converter with cold water

When travelling by air either keep the pen upright and fully filled or emptied and flushed clean

Never post the cap onto the barrel as it could damage the pen and ruins the balance when writing.

Always keep your ink pen away from extremes of temperature (hot or cold) as this can cause ink problems
Ball pen
Can be unscrewed from the centre and refill replaced.

When replacing cap to body make sure screw is tight
As per ball pen but remove black cap from lead holder and add leads replace black cap before screwing cap to body.
All Writing instruments
Clean by using a polishing cloth for precious metals

Do not use any cleaning products that are abrasive